Monday, June 26, 2017

Extract labels from Wikidata entity Open Data Questions
Is there a way to extract the labels of the statements (property and object) in Wikidata? I want to get all the information that there is here:www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q42, properties and objects with label so both (wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P21, sex or gender) and (wikidata.org/wiki/Q6581097, male).
Unsolved murder rates by country/state/municipality Open Data Questions
I have read on Hacker News today that The overall solution rate for murder in the US is about 65%. In big cities with dubious police leadership, the solution rate for murder can be under 50%. (Chicago, Baltimore, St.Lou etc..., right?) Where can one get the dataset for the States, and for othe
Medication administration in MIMIC-III Open Data Questions
Does MIMIC-III provide any medication administration data for oral or IV push medications? I'm aware that the PRESCRIPTIONS table contains all medications, but this table only reflects ordered medications (not the MAR). For example, if I want to identify patients who received IV push enalaprilat, I
Soccer leagues/teams/players API Open Data Questions
I wanted to know if anyone knows of a website that provides free information related to various soccer leagues. I am creating a C# application. I'm interested in the following: table each league information on the players of the teams information teams Any other values that provides the site Cur
Sports results datasets Open Data Questions
Where can I find statistics for sport competitions, like Olympics and international championships? I'm looking for actual results, like timing in 100m races or rates given to figure skaters. Sources I found contain limited information (www.databaseolympics.com/ has only top three results), or focus
How do football API's get their data? Open Data Questions
I am wondering how sport API's get their data. Do they use web scraping or web crawling? If they do: is it legal to create my web scraper to gather data? I checked various sites and they all lead to different API/Feed, but how do these feeds get their data? And how do they update it so fast (live
Stock market historical data Open Data Questions
I was surprised not to find a similar question here. But what are the best sources of stock market daily (weekly, monthly) prices for all listed companies in a given market? Google Finance, Yahoo Finance grant limited access via API. But since the question concerns historical prices, perhaps, are th

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ontological Database of Objects Open Data Questions
I am searching for a Database containing a hierarchical Ontology of most objects. For example, an Apple is a special type of an edible Fruit, which is a special type of Fruit. A Fruit is a physical Object and therefore has a volume, weight, smell etc. I have found some openly available Ontological

Friday, June 23, 2017

Public School Teacher Dataset Open Data Questions
I'm looking for a dataset with information about public (and private, if possible) school teachers in the United States, including names, schools, and possibly any other identifying information such as department, school location, etc. I assume that this information is freely available. I have trie
Looking for binary time series prediction datasets Open Data Questions
We've developed an algorithm for forecasting/predicting binary (aka qualitative) time series, i.e. N binary variables predicting the probable next configuration of the N binary variables. Our selling point is that our approach works well even with pretty limited numbers of timepoints. We can handle u
where can I find city contracts? Open Data Questions
Where can I find full copies of city government contracts? I prefer file types that allow for searching. The city of Chicago provided access at one point but I can no longer find the actual files.
public source of streaming IP addresses Open Data Questions
I'd like to build a data pipeline, for demonstration purposes, that enriches a stream of data containing IP addresses with location, ISP, organization, etc... using MaxMind's GeoIP2 Downloadable Databases. Does anyone know of a public source of streaming data that contains IP addresses? Perhaps some
300 TB dataset for LHC Open Data Questions
Last week it was in the news that LHC (Large Hadron Collider) research team has just released a 300 TB dataset. What is this dataset and how can I start experimenting with it?
Water level historical data for California Open Data Questions
I am looking for data attesting for the variation of fresh water availability in California over the years (ideally 20+ years). For instance river levels, river throughput, wells levels. If data is not available for California, similar USA data is OK too. Bonus if the data can be easily used from P

Thursday, June 22, 2017