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Monday, July 24, 2017

Corpus of words divided by language Open Data Questions
I am looking for a word dataset composed by lists of words of multiple languages (possibly all the major languages), non topic specific, divided by language. I don't really care for translations, meanings, alternative forms, pronunciation or anything else. However, I would need an offline dataset.
Need some domain knowledge Open Data Questions
I am looking for some BD (Business Development) help. I am building a product that does sentiment analysis. I want to know which domains in the internet space (for which there are online/offline "reviews" from users available) I can cater my product to for their review analysis needs.
Aspect Based Sentiment Classification Open Data Questions
Are there any services which provide aspect-sentiment of the sentence? If the sentence/review is talking about multiple aspects, all the aspects with their sentiments (Positive, Negative, Neutral should be the classes) are expected in the output. I'm looking for something which is more cognitive th
Updates from Open Knowledge Czech Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) News
This blog post is part of our summer series featuring updates from local groups across the Open Knowledge Network. This post was submitted by the Czech Republic Open Knowledge team.  In the Czech Republic, the Open Knowledge local chapter is led by the Otakar Motejl Fund, an NGO focused on government
Public School Teacher Dataset Open Data Questions
I'm looking for a dataset with information about public (and private, if possible) school teachers in the United States, including names, schools, and possibly any other identifying information such as department, school location, etc. I assume that this information is freely available. I have trie

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Google Trends weekly data Open Data Questions
I have an issue regarding google trends: I have noticed that recently something has changed. I used to be able to get all my weekly-based data, no matter the time period I was interested in. A couple of days ago I have realized that this is no longer possible: google trends lets me see and download
Sharing Genomic data/docker files via P2P network Open Data Questions
Genomic data size has reached volumes to the point, some NCBI has stopped taking certain types of data from Investigators. Other openData projects are also running into barriers.. I know there are tonnes of open source Bittorrent projects: github.com/search?o=desc&q=topic%3Abittorrent&s=star

Saturday, July 22, 2017

List of symbols with corresponding names Open Data Questions
I am searching for wording for symbols icons and what they are. For example, if you have a symbol such as flag, or types of cars. I want to look it up online and search for the name of that symbol. I know that there are tons of them online but what I would like to have a general thousands of symbols

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CollegeScoreCard - Earnings from 2012 for 2014 query Open Data Questions
Why is the earnings data taken from 2012 whereas other fields are all from 2014? github.com/RTICWDT/college-scorecard/blob/dev/js/src/picc.js#L492 MEDIAN_EARNINGS: '2012.earnings.10_yrs_after_entry.median', Also the data for 2013 and 2014 are null for all records (I verified many schools
Choose the best among us at OSM Awards 2017 Open Street Map (OSM) News
The community voting for the OpenStreetMap Awards 2017 is open! During the call for nominees you submitted more than a hundred of them. Then a number of active community members have prepared a shorter list. Now it is again your turn: choose who gets an award at the ceremony at the State of the Map [

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where can I find USA ocean port FIPS code? Open Data Questions
I am interested in all of the FIPS codes for USA ocean ports. For example, "PORT_New Orleans, PORT_Houston". What I have for now: I have all the lat & lon for the port. I know I can reverse geocoding from lat & lon to FIPS, but I am still interested in other methods.
XLS or CSV Historic EDGAR CIK list, for a specific state? Open Data Questions
I'm searching for historic business physical addressees for California, I've found that the CIK header for EDGAR states the company name and address. Is there a method to download a file with all the CIK for a given year? CIK is a Central Index Key with the SEC's (Securities and Exchange Commission
Grocery products per year Open Data Questions
I'm looking for historical open data on food products you can find in supermarkets (like the data available on openfoodfacts.org).The idea would be to know which products have been commercialized in 1990, 2000, 2010... to study the evolution of palm oil in food composition.
Aliexpress price history dataset Open Data Questions
I want to find any dataset on Aliexpress products' price history? I found only one good quality website - www.pricearchive.org/ but according to their faq - they "do not provide special access (including via API) to any data shown on the pages of our website." Aliexpress own API doesn't seem to give
Open News Dataset Open Data Questions
I am looking for open News dataset related to : Downsizing - Employee layoff . I have looked up reuters and BBC News dataset but their categories are quite broad. Can anyone please suggest any resources for the same. I am trying to scrape various news sites but this will take a lot of time to get